Why is IHI unique?

InnSuites Hotels, Inc. (IHI) Management was founded in 1980 in the growing southwest specializing in the west and southwest hotel management. Over the last nearly 40 years InnSuites Hotel, Inc. (IHI) Management has fine-tuned the science of hotel management with a proven track record of above industry GOP percentage achieved through maximization of revenues coupled with tight operating costs and labor control guidelines.

InnSuites Hotels, Inc. (IHI) Management has also fine-tuned the art of hotel management with creative (and at the time new innovative) guest friendly extras such as complimentary hot and healthy breakfast, microwave refrigerator, Free high-speed high-capacity Wi-Fi and other “InnSuites Extra” items now popular and even expected in today’s hotel industry.

Over the years the world and the hotel industry has been changing at an ever-increasing pace and IHI once again has shown the innovation creativity to stay up with and ahead of these earthshaking changes.

  • Newspapers and magazines have been replaced by streaming media
  • Film photography has been replaced by digital
  • Retail has been replaced by mass marketers and online
  • Hotel industry international brands have been pushed aside by online travel agent OTA Expedia, Priceline.
  • Travel reservations have gone from travel agents and 800 numbers to Internet and mobile devices
  • Sales and marketing of hotels have gone from TV and newspaper coupons to online digital

IHI and its sister division IBC hotels technology solutions have kept up and kept ahead of these changes for both independent hotels which are no longer nearly as dependent on brands and brand hotels which need to supplement their dwindling brand reservation contribution.

Today hotels managed by IHI in some cases receive more revenue and more reservations for a more cost-effective rate from technology services powered by IBC as compared to increasingly lagging and often tired brands reservation contribution. This is cutting edge technology powered by IBC that virtually no other management company can deliver to its hotel partners.

In addition to cutting edge 21st-century technology and marketing, IHI management brings a number of other unique capabilities to its hotel owner partners :

  1. Highly effective top staff recruitment with in house sales staffing and systems
  2. Tight labor control and other cost control systems
  3. A sensitivity to the needs of the guest leading to long-term return business as opposed to many management companies shortsighted, short focused attention on minimizing at the expense of guest experience
  4. A unique focus on customer service starting with the smile and enthusiastic greeting by the front desk clerk continued through the entire guest experience
  5. Attention not only to the guest but also to the all-important employee who makes this all happen with enhanced hiring practice standards and procedures training and results based bonus engagement
  6. Extra attention to the guest and to the employee which may add a slight expense, however leads to higher occupancy, higher rates, and higher guest satisfaction which more than offsets the modest expense of the enhanced guest experience.
  7. Whether branded or not – today’s traveler is less likely to be looking for a cookie-cutter and more for the adventure of a new boutique flavored hotel ( independent or branded ) something that IHI management is able to deliver
  8. And of course latest technology is imperative in virtually every business and certainly in the hotel business with reservations coming from mobile and driven by online marketing focused on the younger tech savvy traveler’s of today while still honoring the old-school traditions of the more affluent experienced travelers

IHI management is highly principled, highly reputable, highly efficient with tight audited controls as part of a public company ready to serve your needs as a savvy hotel owner.

Talk to Calvin Quick IHI Director of Operations with a distinguished career in virtually every hotel position at InnSuites Hotels stretching back 30 years and benefiting from the accumulated knowledge of this evolving management style.

Contact Calvin by email at cquick@innsuites.com or call him direct (602) 369-3670 cell.