Hotel Management Company

Our corporate, regional and property leadership teams ensure all assets maximize resources and achieve optimal profitability in the quickly evolving hospitality environment. InnSuites Hotels Inc. (IHI) Management benchmarks its hotels against one another as well as against assets managed by other companies and use the resulting data to continually improve our efficient operating procedures. Our key areas of Operations Management focus include:

  • Full Project Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Internal Audit Functions
  • Guest and Employee Safety Programs
  • Franchise Compliance Security
  • Proven Housekeeping Systems
  • Property, Corporate and Franchise Training
  • Property Inspections
  • Cost Containment Programs

In addition to our core areas of operation, IHI provides leading edge technology providing optimal:

  • Revenue Management – IHI offers our hotels a unique technology based individualized approach to your hotel revenue management needs. Let us work with you to develop and implement customized solutions to fit your hotel’s needs.
  • Sales & Digital Marketing – In the highly competitive hospitality environment, marketing takes on the most important role in the success of a hotel or restaurant. Our hospitality properties are supported by a highly motivated corporate sales and marketing team. This seasoned team of hospitality professionals work with hospitality general managers and directors of sales to create a sales focused culture within each business unit.

All IHI sales and marketing initiatives are evaluated from a return on investment perspective. InnSuites Hotels Inc. (IHI) Management uses technology to track the return for our most important investment, our sales department. Through regular property visits, IHI corporate sales professionals provide training and education to maximize inside and outside hospitality sales department bookings. Our hospitality sales & marketing services include:

  • Professional Creative Design Team
  • Targeted Promotion and Advertising
  • Ecommerce, Social & Internet Marketing
  • Social Review Monitoring and Management
  • Sales Office Systems Management and Audits
  • Professional Revenue Management
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Pre-opening Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Maximization of Independent and Brand Franchise Programs

Discounted Hotel Supplies – IHI managed hotels are eligible for discounted hotel supplies with programs such as Source1 and Birchstreet. Participating hotels save 11% on average on their cost of goods, including food and beverage (F&B).

Guest Loyalty Program IHI hotels are eligible to participate with InnCentives hotel loyalty program. InnCentives belongs to the largest loyalty marketplace building guest goodwill by helping guests to earn free nights as well as maximize the value of the rewards. We enable guests to earn, redeem and convert points to free nights globally as well as for other programs though the marketplace, including hotel rewards, airline frequent flyer miles, eGift cards, merchandise, charities, and more.

InnSuites participates with InnCentives patent-pending loyalty program which allows our guests to Stay 12 nights and receive a credit into their account equal to an average of those nights for use at over 1 million global hotels and lodging. Access is by email, Facebook or Google. No blackout dates. No math to convert points to nights. No hassle.

In addition to free nights, InnCentives even allows the ability to choose redemption through airline miles, eGift cards, merchandise, charities and more. Stay locally/globally and redeem globally. The only truly comprehensive hotel lodging rewards solution that fits your needs. More at