InnSuites Hotels, Inc. (IHI) Management company has as it’s primary objective is to add overall total value to the hotel owner’s hotel real estate investment, one guest at a time. IHI manages for the long run building guest goodwill, innovating, maintaining and building the physical value of the asset, growing profitability, and in turn producing not only short-term monthly cash flow returns but importantly building the long-term capitalized income producing value of the owner’s hotel real estate asset.

IHI believes in building and maintaining the physical value of the asset with a policy that 100% of the hotel rooms and suites must be 100% rentable 100% of the time. Unlike some management companies, IHI builds guest satisfaction and builds profitability long-term. IHI drives long term value along with profits to match.

By reinvesting in the physical property, providing a top level team of employees and a great guest experience, IHI works for the owner to increase profit and the value of their asset.

From an investment standpoint, our properties receive a greater total return on investment (ROI) with a strong long-term capital gain approach rather than from short-term cash flow increase, inevitability followed by a decline of asset value.

IHI manages with the long term interest of the hotel owner as our primary goal, which includes an appreciating asset, increasing customer service goodwill in return business, higher occupancy, higher rate, higher profitability and as a result significantly higher capitalized value of the asset.

In short a win for the guest, a win for the staff, a win for the management company, and a homerun win for the hotel investor owner.